Mt. Zion School of Ministry

At Mt. Zion, we believe that emphasizing the principles of God’s Word can change the direction of our nation and the world. Jesus said that believers are the salt and light of the world (Matt. 5:13-16). Salt was (and is) used both to preserve and to flavor food. Likewise, Christians should both resist spiritual decline and favorably influence society. God called us to let our lights so shine before men that they should see our good works and glorify Him (Matt. 5:16). With these thoughts in mind, the key message for Mt. Zion School of Ministry is that one person can change the world. Our vision is to train, prepare, and disciple students to be that person who is equipped to make a difference in their world. The following classes will be offered this session beginning the week of Sept 16th!

Weekly on Mondays (6:30 PM – 9:00 PM)
“Counseling Skills” (CT3)
Session Dates: September 16th – December 9th
Location: Mt. Zion Church • Room 608B
Prerequisite: CT2

This class focuses on four areas of counseling skills: Attending, Focusing, Influencing, and Confrontation. Each of these four skills is dealt with extensively. The students are taught how to use each of these skills for the benefit of their clients. They are also taught how to interpret the client’s use of these skills as a means of avoiding issues or manipulating the session. Class requirements include small group class interaction for practice and demonstration purposes, a large group presentation to show mastery of material, class participation, and attendance. Students will be charged a $25 materials fee.

Weekly on Thursdays (6:30 PM – 8:30 PM)
“The Kingdom Period”
Session Dates: September 19th – December 12th
Location: The District • 4005 S. Baldwin Rd. • Orion

This is the 3rd class in the OT and will cover the period of Solomon’s son Rehoboam through the destruction of Judah (Jeremiah/Lamentations). It will cover the histories of both the northern and southern kingdoms from their initial division to their destructions, while also discussing the relevant prophetic books in their appropriate contexts.

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