Mt Zion Next Steps


Our journey in faith and relationship with God should never be stagnant; there is always more to experience in God. If you’re a new Christian or a seasoned Christian, we encourage you to take a next step in your walk with God. Check out some of the ways you can continue to grow below! Also, add us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with what opportunities are opening up!

Our New Beginnings class is great if you are a new Christian, or just new to Mt Zion, and wonder what we believe and why we do certain things during our church service. You will find the answers to those questions as well as many others by taking this class.

We will also review the sacraments of the church and teach you how to bring spiritual reality into your everyday life. To get more information regarding the upcoming session, check out the calendar. To sign-up for the next class, fill out our sign-up form.

Water baptism is an important step in a Christian’s life. The waters represent a separation from your old way of life and an entrance into the new life made possible by Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. 

Jesus calls us to follow Him in order to gain true life. This new life in Christ becomes a reality when you completely yield yourself to our Savior’s example. If you would like to sign-up to be baptized or want more information, please fill out our contact form.

While it is true that all marriages are as unique as the individuals who are joined together in the marriage, we should consider the wisdom of God in this description of marriage. The mystery is not something to be solved but rather a unique connection that can grow and feel new, time and time again.

This class will offer insights, Biblical principles and practical application that we believe can benefit your marriage. This 10 week class is for married couples only and both spouses must attend. To get more information regarding the next Marriage class, check out the calendar or send us a message through our contact form. If you would like to sign-up for the Marriage class, fill out our sign-up form.

In Matthew 28, Jesus clearly stated what He was looking for from His followers—disciples!  The early Church was a powerful, Spirit-filled movement that laid the foundation for Church expansion, and eventually grew to billions of believers throughout the world.  

The Spirit of the Lord is calling out to us in this hour—to not only believe, but to be trained to continue in the work of Christ; to truly be disciples of Jesus.

If you would like more information about when the next Discipleship group is being offered, check out our calendar or send us a message through our contact form. To sign-up for a Discipleship group, fill out our sign-up form.

The Life Enrichment program is designed to help you live every day of your life with purpose and wholeness and to bring about complete healing and restoration in your broken places. Due to our human nature and experiences in life, we often have obstacles that stand in the way of us becoming all that God has planned for us to be.

Life Enrichment teaches that we can be delivered from bondages by the redemptive power of God and overtake and recover all that God has intended for us. If you would like more information, check out our Life Enrichment page or send us an email by filling out our contact form. If you know what class you want to sign-up for, then fill out our sign-up form.

Mt Zion has a lot of ministries and small groups that are available for you to get plugged into. Whatever age you are or wherever you’re at in life, we have people who would love to get to know you and help you grow in your relationship with God. Be sure to check out our groups page and our ministry pages see where you can get involved.

At first glance, one might think, Mt Zion is a large church, they probably don’t need my help. Just the opposite is true. We need the gifts and talents of all that are willing and able to serve. We’d love the opportunity to help you find an area of service that suits you well. If you are willing to get involved please fill out the volunteer form.


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