The Mt Zion Indoor Skatepark, previously known as Zero Gravity Skatepark, is located in the Mt Zion Community Center. The skatepark is 17,000 square feet of skate floor. We have a 10′ starter box with rail and ledge box, 4′ and 5′ fly boxes, 10′ quarter pipe, 36′ long mini ramp, over 13 ledges and hand rails, wall ride and real street obstacles. We allow scooters, skateboards, bikers, and inline skaters. Please fill out our contact form if you have any questions about our skatepark or give us a call at 248-673-7177.

No outside food or drink allowed, if you leave a session early you will not be credited any time, no cash refunds, all sales are final, no unlimited memberships, wristbands must be worn at all times, lost wristbands must be replaced at your expense, only access areas that you paid to access in the building, no foul language or behavior is permitted, the skatepark reserves the right to close early if the minimum of 4 active participants is not met, if you are caught stealing a session you will be charged double the normal price or permanently suspended from the skatepark. The skatepark saftey requirements are as follows: All ages are required to wear a helmet with a working chin strap, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards are recommended. All skatepark participants must have a waiver signed if under 18 years of age, by their parent or legal guardian. Waivers must be signed in the presence of Mt Zion Community Center staff. Download waiver here.

Our private lock-in sessions are first come first serve. You get the whole park to you and your selected friends. There can be bikes, skateboards, scooters and inline skates all in the same session. A minimum of 15 skaters or riders have to have paid one week in advance for the entire group. The group cannot exceed 25 people. Food can be purchased the day of as long as you make the front desk aware that you are interested. Pizza is $8.00 and a pitcher of pop is $2.00. Skatepark rules still apply. No refunds. Cost is $15 per Non-member or $10 per Member. Fridays from 10:30pm-12:30am is the only available time slot for private sessions. Limited time only!

$3 helmet rental

$5 skateboard rental

$5 session for members

$8 pro scooter rental

$10 session non-members

$15 all day pass for members

$25 all day pass non-members

$69.99 one year membership

Monday 3pm-10pm

Tuesday 3pm-10pm

Wednesday 3pm-10pm

Thursday 3pm-10pm

Friday 3pm-10pm

Saturday 9am-10pm (no day pass available)

Sunday 12pm-8pm


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