The Rescue Story: Zach Williams wsg Josh Baldwin

Multi award-winning artist and songwriter Zach Williams wsg Josh Baldwin is launching his new album The Rescue Story with his fall tour at Mt. Zion on November 8th.

It was just three years ago when Williams rapidly made a name for himself with his record breaking debut single, “Chain Breaker”, following it up with two more award winning songs, “Old Church Choir” and “Fear is a Liar.” Williams has earned a 2018 Grammy Award along with two additional nominations in 2017 and 2019. He has won four GMA Dove Awards, two K-Love Fan Awards, three gold singles, and numerous other nominations and recognition.

Williams’ first album, Chain Breaker, has songs that reflect where Williams has come through his journey from and back to faith. The inspiration for these songs came directly from his life experiences and they are mirrors for what other people have experienced in their own lives. The first single from his eagerly anticipated new album, The Rescue Story, tells of Zach’s testimony and will remind listeners that nothing they do will ever be greater than God’s grace because he sent his son to rescue us from all of our sins.

Williams recently shared the story behind the new album, “I think the song is going to be relatable to people because everybody has their own Rescue Story. Mine is the same as anyone who’d been in a hopeless place, and they found Jesus.” Williams continues, “I found myself at the end of my rope almost seven years ago touring in a rock & roll band. On the outside, everyone thought I was completely happy but on the inside, I was a wreck and a miserable person. It wasn’t until I found Jesus when I was truly happy and able to enjoy the things in life that I’m now doing. Before I didn’t even enjoy playing music, I left every night with an empty hole. Now, I get to leave fulfilled every single night. When people share their own rescue story with others, it can hopefully bring someone else into a relationship with Jesus.”

Tour Date: Friday, November 8, 2019
Show Time: 7pm (doors open to public at 6pm). VIP Event available, visit ticketing site for details.
Ticket on Sale Date: On sale now! Click here to purchase. Congregation members can avoid ticketing fees and receive Group Discount pricing by purchasing on Sunday morning beginning Sept 8th (GA tickets – cash or check only). Seats are unassigned.

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