A Love Offering

Now is the time to bring in our love offering to the Lord! With aging facilities, we have needed updates, repairs, and improvements, so this love offering will be used to address very specific foundational issues such as: leaks, parking lot renovations, and other issues recently revealed. In the scripture below, it was time to finish the tabernacle with the things necessary to complete it, so people brought gifts and gave them to the Lord as an offering.

Now is the time to give! We have started collecting the love offering and will continue to do so through the month of September. Just write “A Love Offering” on your envelope and turn in during our regular time of giving.

A Love Offering

Everyone who wanted to give came and brought a gift to the Lord. These gifts were used for making the Meeting Tent, all the things in the Tent and the special clothes. All the men and women who wanted to give brought gold jewelry of all kinds. They brought pins, earrings, rings and bracelets. They all presented their gold to the Lord. Everyone who had blue, purple and red thread, and fine linen came and gave it to the Lord. Anyone who had goat hair or male sheep skins colored red or fine leather brought them to the Lord. -Exodus 35:21-23

In September, we will be expanding the message of Launching Out as part of our special services September 11th-13th, so now is our time to get ready for the next level the Lord is leading the ministry into. This offering is above your regular giving as a response to His love, so Pastor Loren is asking us to prayerfully consider an amount to be added to our tithes and offerings as a weekly gift or one time amount. Mt. Zion has always paid its bills throughout all the difficult economic times we have faced over our 40 years of serving, and we have never had a crisis in our church finances. Pastor Loren believes this is our time to make a love offering to the Lord. We hope you will seek the Lord for your part to give during this time!

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