Descending New Jerusalem


Almost two thousand years ago, the apostle John received a revelation of Jesus Christ while abandoned on the Isle of Patmos. Imagine all he saw and endured: from his time with Christ, through the formation of the early church, until the Revelation. In a moment, he is brought into the realm of heaven to see, perceive, and receive understanding for himself and his day. His revelation still speaks to us! The Revelation has been misinterpreted for too many years, shaping our view of God and His plan for the church of Jesus Christ. It is time to stop looking for an exit strategy from creation to become a great demonstration of His kingdom. The new Jerusalem is not a fictious city set in a distant time beyond our reach and comprehension. It is a present reality granted to the church to boldly declare to our world what a satisfied life really looks like. It is time for us to stop taking the Good News and making it “bad news” in hope that we can get one more convert.


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