Dance costume sizes are very different than clothing purchased at a retail store. Our teachers are responsible for ordering costumes for anywhere from 50 to 100 students each and many outfits require multiple pieces to be ordered such as pants, shirts, and accessories. We need your help and support in order to make this happen by providing correct and complete information for your child.

In order to make the best possible decision on what size to order for your child we not only ask for your child’s measurements but also retail clothing sizes as shown on the Registration Form. Please provide BOTH letter and number sizes as requested. If your child is between two sizes, it is always best to order a size larger as costumes can be made smaller through alternations but it is very hard to make them larger. Mt. Zion Performing Arts is not responsible for ordering an incorrect costume size if incomplete information has been provided.

With respect to measurements, please provide measurements true to size while rounding up to the nearest inch (for example if the measurement is 20 1/2 inches, round up to 21inches). We will add for growth between September and May with respect to measurements. When taking measurements, it is best to wear a leotard and not street clothes as that is what is worn under their costume.

Costume sizes may be sent to us via eMail at or a Registration Form may be used.

All Dance students will perform in a May recital performance. Each student will require a costume per class taken and one finale t-shirt. As noted in the Payment Information section, the November invoice only includes a costume deposit of $30 per class per performance. The balance of each costume is collected on the February billing. The finale t-shirt is itemized separately on your invoice and payment is collected on the February billing. Accessories are the responsibility of each student and details will be provided in the spring.

Some students also perform in our Spotlight and will either require an additional costume or t-shirt. This item will be billed on the November invoice.



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