Company Members ARE required to attend Dance Camp as well as August Conditioning. We will have classes Tuesday and Thursday evening from August 11, 2020 through Sept 3, 2020.


Summer Class Levels
DescriptionAgesClass Level
Junior Company7 through 10Level 1 Classes
Senior Company10 through 13Level 2 Classes
Master and Elite Company13 and upLevel 3&4 Classes
Required Technique Classes
Company RoutineTechnique Classes
Contemporary (Girls and Guys SmGrp)Ballet, Contemporary, Flexibility/Stretching (25% discount for Flex)
Hip HopHip Hop, Breaking, Gym, and Stunts (25% discount for Gym and Stunts)
JazzBallet, Jazz, Flexibility/Stretching (25% discount for Flex)

In order to prepare our company teams for competition, mandatory Choreography Workshops will be held September 8, 2020 thru September 18, 2020 (Mon, Tues, and Thurs). Click here for the schedule.  Pricing for the Choreography Workshops (held in September) will be included in the Company Routine Class price. Registration and the first payment for these classes is due no later than July 17, 2020.


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