Company Dance Calendar


Company Members are expected to participate in and attend all Performances. Subscribe to our Calendar at the bottom of the calendar view.

2021~2022 Dance Company
Dance CampJuly 12 thru July 15, 2021Required for all Dance Company members
Parent MeetingJuly 13 OR July 20, 2021Time is 6:30pm in Aud A
August Conditioning ClassesAug 2, 2021 thru Aug 26, 2021Classes meet on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays; Required for all Dance Company members
September Choreography WorkshopsSept 2 thru Sept 14, 2021 & Sept 17, 2021 (added Friday the 17th)Meet on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday. Mandatory and part of Company Attendance expectations.
Extra RehearsalsNov 22 and 23, 2021Part of Company Attendance expectations.
Company Christmas Party (optional)TBD
Spotlight Rehearsal21-Jan-22Part of Company Performance expectations.
Spotlight Performance22-Jan-22Part of Company Performance expectations.
Workshop and In-house Convention12-Feb-22Part of Company Performance expectations.
Extra RehearsalsFeb 21 and 22, 2022Part of Company Attendance expectations.
Staging RehearsalFeb 28, 2022 5pm to 9pm (arrival is 4:45pm)Mandatory for all Company Members.
CompetitionMarch 11 thru 13, 2022 (details pending)Part of Company Performance expectations. All Company Routines will perform.
CompetitionApril 8 thru 10, 2022 (details pending)Part of Company Performance expectations. Production, Master, Elite, Guys, Mus Theatre, Solos, and Small Groups will perform both weekends.
Awards Ceremony (Optional)May 6, 2022Aud A 6:30pm to 8:30pm
May Dress RehearsalMay 16, 17, & 19, 2022Part of Company Performance expectations. Must particiapte in rehearsal to perfom in Recital.
RecitalMay 20 and May 21, 2022Part of Company Performance expectations.
Clarkston July 4th Parade (Optional)July 4, 2022
22~23 Dance Company AuditionsJune 20 thru 23, 2022 (Mon, Tues, and Thurs)Click Here to Sign Up (deadline May 31, 2022)



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