Mt. Zion’s Dance Company begins in July and culminates the following May. Mt. Zion has only one Dance Company, but it is possible for students to be selected for and invited to participate in more than one routine. Although we encourage and look forward to having each of our students accept all of the opportunities offered to them, we recognize the level of commitment required by both our parents and students in order to do so. As such, please review the rehearsal, performance, and financial expectations carefully prior to making a commitment. Each participant is critical to the success of the program and once registered, changes to a routine is not easily made.

We have been waiting to announce our summer plans but we believe we have developed a plan to have ‘safe’ events this summer. Specifically, we will be social distancing, implementing strict cleaning protocols, and limiting indoor gatherings as required by occupancy codes. Auditions will occur at the Mt. Zion Community Center in Waterford, a 60,000 square foot facility with excellent ventilation and plenty of open space. However, as always, if you or someone in your household has an underlying condition or is at risk, please be sure to contact us and we will do our best to find an alternate solution for your son/daughter.

Dance Company auditions will take place the week of June 22nd. We will be sending out the audition form and an advance copy of the audition choreography so you can prepare prior to the audition. Please click here to register to audition. The registration deadline is June 12, 2020, so that we can eMail you the audition form and choreography you need. We will be auditioning the students in small groups based on the technique they are interested in. In order to maintain our social distancing, we are also in need of parent volunteers to help with this event. If you are available to help, please sign up on Sign Up Genius at the same link as the audition.

Please sign up to audition based on your age and your technique of interest (i.e., if you are 12 and interested in both Hip Hop and Jazz, you would sign up under Senior Company in both the Hip Hop and Jazz time slot). For those interested in being considered for Elite Company, new this year, a short interview is being included as part of the audition process. Each interview session will be ten minutes so you will need to sign up for an interview time slot when you register for the audition. An eMail was sent on June 15th with a link to the choreography needed as well as the Audition Application that needs to be brought to your audition. Please come to the audition prepared with your choreography, a completed copy of your Audition Application along with a head shot/school picture. The audition will have a one-time fee of $35 per student.

Company Placements will be available by 5pm on July 3, 2020. Click here for information on how to accept the invitation to the Mt. Zion Dance Company and information about the mandatory parent meeting.

Understudies are an integral part of the Mt. Zion Performing Arts’ Dance Company. When a student is listed as an understudy company member for Mt. Zion they will perform in their company dance at the current season’s spotlight and recital. The student will be observed in both company and technique classes. With dedication and hard work, the understudy will be evaluated by the teacher for participation in the company routine for competition. As is the case in the arts, the understudy could fill another student’s position due to an unexpected absence to cover choreography.



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