As part of our church expansion almost ten years ago, Pastor Loren’s vision was to create a Christian cultural center. In 2009, we began our Friday night movie offering with the intent to show Christian-based films. Unfortunately, strict licensing restrictions limited our ability to offer faith-based films, so we transitioned into our ‘night out’ and ‘family night’ movies. As the years have progressed, and Mt. Zion’s name is becoming more and more recognized in the Christian cultural community, Pastor Loren’s original vision is starting to come to fruition.

As we transition into becoming a Christian cultural center, we have discovered our schedule no longer allows us to offer our ‘traditional’ Friday night movies. Instead, we have connected with a newly formed organization whose mission is to provide faith-based films in DVD format to be shown at local churches before they are released on DVD. We recently showed one movie sponsored by them and they are already planning new opportunities for the fall of 2017 and into 2018.

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