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In Ephesians chapter 5, the Apostle Paul describes the husband and wife connection as a ‘great mystery’. No truer words were spoken. However, a lot of times, couples get the idea that there is some secret formula to make marriage work. Or that if they knew the special code to their mate, they could unlock true marital bliss. While it is true that all marriages are as unique as the individuals who are joined together in the marriage, we should consider the wisdom of God in this description of marriage. The mystery is not something to be solved but rather a unique connection that can grow and feel new time and time again. Marriage then becomes something to experience rather than something to be figured out. It becomes ‘your marriage’.

Consider the milestones of the relationship with your mate. You discovered a connection when you met. You cultivated that connection when you got married. And when you shared goals and dreams you created even more connections. Eventually, gender differences, finances, children, and careers became some of the realities of life that put pressure on those connections.

When life happens how do you reclaim the mystery of your marriage?

Connections. No special formulas. No secret or mysterious codes. Simply connections. However, because these connections are so vital, they need time to develop. The strength of these connections is built on relationship, communication, trust, hope and intimacy. The connections in your marriage are nuanced by your uniqueness as individuals and as a couple. Now is the time to foster those connections again; maybe even create some new ones.

The Mt Zion Marriage Class will help you to refocus or bring a new perspective on the connections that make your marriage ‘your marriage.’ This class will offer insights, Biblical principles and practical application that we believe can benefit your marriage.

We meet for 10 weeks and both spouses must attend. Childcare is available. The class will close after the first 2 weeks, so plan ahead!

Mike & Melanie

Weekly on Sundays
Evening Session: 6:00pm (Childcare is available)
Instructor: Mike and Melanie Sanchez
Location: Mt. Zion Church – Room 509

Upcoming 10-Week Schedule:
Week 1 January 12
Week 2 January 19
Week 3 January 26
Week 4 February 2
Week 5 February 9
Week 6 February 16
Week 7 February 23
Week 8 March 1
Week 9 March 8
Week 10 March 15

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