Creative Arts

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Music Ministry
The fundamental purpose of the music ministry is to bring the congregation together in unison using lyrics, melodies, and rhythms. This helps focus everyone’s thoughts toward the Lord. We usher in the presence of God and help make the congregation aware of His presence. We use songs to help build faith within the house, so that all may come to expect great things from God as we gather in one mind and one accord. We desire that our passion for the Lord will become contagious so that everyone in attendance may enter into God’s purpose for each service. We function as a team and include individual performances to enhance the worship experience for the whole congregation.

If you are interested in joining the music ministry as a singer or musician, please contact Greg Priebe at 248.391.6166 to schedule an interview and audition.

Dance and Drama
The arts were given to the church as an expression of God’s glory. We were created to worship the Creator. Music, dance, drama, and art were given as outlets of praise. At Mt. Zion, we believe in praising the Lord with all of our soul, mind, and strength by utilizing the gifts that God has given us. Ernest B. Gentile said in Worship God, “The body should not be kept on ice while the inner spirit rejoices warmly and appreciates the Lord. Biblical Hebrew has no less than 12 verbs to express the act of dancing. Song is the joy of the voice: dance is the joy of the body.” In turn, we utilize dance and drama in church services as an expression of our worship to God.

If you are interested in joining the arts team, contact the School of Performing Arts at 248.393.1407.

Creative Arts
“…and I have put wisdom in the hearts of all the gifted artisans, that they may make all that I have commanded you.” Exodus 31:6
We believe that the higher calling for Christian artists is born from purpose. In the Old Testament, God commissioned a man named Bezalel, and many others, to artistically construct the Lord’s temple. Today, our goal is to support the artistic needs of Mt. Zion, and to strengthen artists to produce art from a Christian perspective. For more information regarding creative arts at Mt. Zion, contact Gabriel Carnell at 248.393.5625.

The District Artist Venue
Are you a creative person? Perhaps you are into music, art, or photography? Have you ever wanted to express your talents, but yearned for a place to do it? Maybe you are an accomplished artist looking to network with others. The District offers an an exciting new concept where creativity, performance and social networking blend in harmony.  Creative people can gather together and showcase their talents, share their experiences and learn more about their craft—all in a relaxing coffee lounge atmosphere.

Whether you are an amateur or professional in your creative field, you will have the opportunity to meet other creative people like yourself. Some may network or brainstorm with others, but all will have an enjoyable and relaxing time.  Click to visit The District Website and view the upcoming schedule.

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