Ballet is a classical style of dancing based on a highly structured set of steps and movements.

Breaking is a dance form that utilizes the cypher, the circle we dance in. B-boys and B-girls learn Top-Rock, Footwork, Powermoves, and Freezes. Our breaking classes aim to encourage a strong personal drive, willingness and confidence to improvise, resiliency, and problem solving.

Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.

Hip-Hop is a large umbrella that covers many different sub-genres of movement but we focus on social party dances from the late 1970’s to present. Funk styles are emphasized including Locking, Popping, and Wacking, early 90’s New Jack Swing, House, and current mainstream Hip-Hop choreographic styles.

Jazz is a form of dance that challenges the rules and foundations of classical dance by adding upbeat music, strong story lines, and self expression.

Musical Theatre is a two year curriculum. The first year we learn a different Musical each month. The students are taught a piece of choreography from that musical along with the history, technique, and costuming. While the second year, we focus on the decades. Students learn a different technique from each decade such as The Charleston, The Jitter Bug, and Disco to name a few. They are also taught fun facts, fashion, and they apply what they’ve learned in a combination.

Starting up Classes are for students who are just starting their dance journey. Children ages 3-6 will be introduced to dance with fun interactive activities, basic technique and movement awareness. Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap and tumbling are offered using props and age appropriate choreography.

Tap is a dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels.

Tumbling and Gymnastics is a form of floor acrobatics. It has its roots in martial arts tricking and circus arts. Students are challenged with step by step progression at their individual pace and will be able to translate these movements into other dance forms. With an emphasis on safety, teachers are trained in spotting and high density foam panel mats are used over sprung floors during practice.



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