Halogen Summer Camp: Radical


Do you know someone who doesn’t understand what it means to go from being a believer in God to a follower of God? There is such a big difference! Let’s be honest, most people think Christianity is a costume to wear, not a lifestyle. Some people even think that about us, and may say, “They only act that way when so-and-so is around, you should see their Snapchat.” Even more important than some of the things you are trying to sort out in your life, is the fact that you have felt God trying to get your attention; you feel compelled to do something different, live in a new way, and pursue God for real. You want to be one of those people who others talk about and say, “They walk the walk.” Come and see what that looks like; come be a RADICAL with us, because RADICALs change the world!

Who: 7th to 12th grade Halogen Students as of the 2018-2019 school year
Dates: Monday, August 6th – Friday, August 10th
Location: The Springs Camp in Gladwin, Michigan
Cost: $290 on or before July 22nd or $315 after July 22nd
Family Discount: Family discounts are given to children of the same family as follows: $25 off for each child after the first child.
Why: Our leaders and staff train and prep for camp around one phrase “Camp is year round.” It truly is. Don’t get me wrong, this one week will be a life changing moment in kids lives, no doubt. But, we are not an events based ministry. We are a relationship based ministry. At camp you connect in ways with people that are not really replicated in any other setting – the people, energy, the deep moments, the quite prayer, the corporate worship, the anointed word and the food/games/crazy/weather/water all create something beautiful. But it would be negligent to base spiritual growth on one week a year. Camp is year round because we are watching young peoples live change as we take advantage of the relationships we build at camp to talk mentor and love kids through the toughest parts of growing up. All those parts happen in all the other weeks of the year. So “Why Camp?” because you need us and we want you. You need us to reiterate and support your goal of raising a Godly kid and we are anointed to do that. But the win/win here is that that is exactly what we are working towards too, the confident Christian kid, and that is what we are working towards 52 weeks a year.
Registration: Click here to view/print the registration form. Forms will also be available at the information center, the church office, and all Halogen events and services. We are excited to offer sibling discounts, cabins with A/C, busing to and from camp, and a fun staff of over 50 adult and young adult leaders ready to make camp the highlight of summer! To secure a spot for your children, please turn in all forms and payment in full, as early as possible. Camp has sold out the last two years. We don’t want to see anyone who wants to go not be able to go. Please email Pastor Billy to see if he can help your kid get to camp.
Contact: If parents or campers have any questions about their status, please call Bill Foster at 248.391.6166.
Click here for a sneak peek video from last year’s camp!

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