Miracle Healing

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God has promised healing to His people. Psalm 34:19 says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God shall deliver us from them all.” This ministry continually seeks the Lord for the needs of the people. They have seen many, many miracles happen; from the healing of injuries or disease, to God’s direct intervention in various situations. The Miracle Healing Service is held every Tuesday morning at 10:00AM in Auditorium A (childcare is provided).

In Luke 17:5, the disciples asked Jesus “…increase our faith.” We need the faith that comes from Jesus Christ. When we try to work faith out on our own, we often get discouraged because faith in our own strength will always fail! We need miracle-working faith, the faith of Jesus. God wants us to be persistent in our faith, expecting that He will be faithful to that which He has promised!

Acts 19:11-12 says, “…so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.” God’s anointing was upon Paul, and that anointing carried through on the handkerchiefs and aprons he gave out. God’s anointing is also on the miracle cloths that are given out at the Miracle Healing Service. Many phenomenal and unusual miracles have been reported by the recipients! Keep in mind, the power to heal rests solely in Jesus. The miracle cloths are simply tools used to demonstrate faith!

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