Married Couples

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We live in a world that does not seem to provide enough time for everything that we desire to do. We work harder than ever to find success, to balance time for family and friends, all the while striving to keep up with the day-to-day requirements of life. Sometimes the pursuit of all these things can result in our neglect of the health of our marriage relationship. Hence, it is so important that we take the time to cultivate healthy relationships that reflects God’s life. For this reason, we provide the following Life Enrichment class for married couples at Mt. Zion. Jesus promises us life and His life is for our marriages too! Join us and see what an impact it will have on your marriage relationship.

10-week Life Enrichment Marriage Class (both spouses must attend)
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Instructors: Michael & Melanie Sanchez
Class Description: This class is for married couples only. You must be married and you must attend as a couple. It is based on the idea that our marriage should be a reflection of the relationship that Christ has with the church. Based on the first chapter of Ephesians, it outlines the marriage relationship as God intended it to be. In our relationship with God we make mistakes; the relationship would be over if God had not made a way for us to get back into right standing with Him. Our marriage is the same way. We need a redemption plan, a way to resolve our problems with one another and return to our love relationship. What is a redemption plan and how do I implement one in my marriage? This is a class for any couple who wants to enrich their marriage and allow their relationship to be an example of God’s intention for marriage.

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