Foundations for a New Beginning

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Have you ever wondered if you could read and actually understand the Bible? Maybe you’ve asked the questions, “How do we know the Bible is true?” or “Who really wrote the Bible?” These questions have been asked for hundreds of years and will be answered for you in this Foundations class. Perhaps you are a new Christian, or just new to Mt. Zion, and wonder why we do certain things during our church service. You will find these answers as well, such as: “Why do we worship and praise?” and “What is the difference between the two?” “Why do we lift our hands?” “Why do we dedicate the offering during the service?” “Does Pastor Loren preach or teach—or both?” Finally, “Why do we take communion and have altar calls?”

Written by Pastor Loren, you will benefit from his teaching by learning why we believe what we do, while laying a foundation that is soundly set upon the solid principles of God. Your questions will be answered as God’s Word is opened to you, providing you the opportunity to experience God like never before. You will learn how to apply the Word of God to your life, how the Holy Spirit helps us to understand and hear God’s voice, and how to enter the kingdom of God through the study of baptism. You will also learn how to find your purpose and place in the church. We will review the sacraments of the church and teach you how to bring spiritual reality into your everyday life. The final class is titled, “Fulfilling our God-Given Destiny.” This class will surely change your life!

Foundations for a New Beginning is an 6-week class. For more information, please contact Mike Sanchez at 248.391.6166.

Morning Session: 9:00am (Childcare is available)
Evening Session: 6:00pm (Childcare is available)
Instructor: Pastor Lisa Ilitch Murray
Location: Mt. Zion Church – Room 501


6 weeks for both Sunday AM and PM classes:
Week 1 – September 10 (Labor Day is Sept 4th so class will NOT start Sep 3rd)
Week 2 – September 17
Week 3 – September 24
Week 4 – October 1
Week 5 – October 8
Week 6 – October 15

6 weeks Sunday AM only classes:
Week 1 – October 22
Week 2 – October 29
Week 3 – November 5
Week 4 – November 12
Week 5 – November 19
Week 6 – November 26 Thanksgiving Day weekend.

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